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Caffe Carino

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Carthouse 3, Copley Hill Business Park

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Equality & Diversity at Caffe Carino


As part of the commitment made by the Directors of JFC (Yorkshire) Limited to equality of opportunity it has adopted a policy statement covering its contracting and employment practices and procedures.


What do we mean by Equality and Inclusion?


Equal Opportunities

Relates to treating people the same, although they may belong to certain groups. Equal Opportunities in particular relates to legality, which makes it illegal to discriminate against people because they belong to particular groups.



Diversity is a broader concept that builds upon the progress made through equal opportunities. Everyone is different and diversity is about recognising, respecting and valuing the differences we find in each other in the workplace.

We believe equal opportunities and diversity work together by addressing the inequalities and barriers faced by people in under-represented groups and by valuing, learning and benefiting from the diverse cultures in society and our contractors and staff.


Our Policy Statement

The Directors and management of JFC (Yorkshire) Limited recognise that people are discriminated against and will make every effort to ensure they will not unreasonably exclude any individual from access to any activities, goods, facilities or services, or any employment and contracting opportunities that are offered in businesses which they control.

As an employer and contract manager committed to equality and diversity in all its practices JFC (Yorkshire) Limited recognises that groups and individuals are discriminated against on the basis of age, gender , ethnic origin, race, nationality, colour of skin, sexuality, impairment (physical, sensory or learning), physical appearance, marital or other life status, religious or political belief and other differences that cannot be justified.

You can view or download a pdf version of our full Equality & Diversity Policy here.


Caffe Carino believes in equal treatment in the workplace.